The Transgressions Cycle delves deep into the classic supernatural ‘weird tale’ and the long history of the gothic horror story. It stands on the legacy of great gothic writers - Poe, Lovecraft and M.R. James to bring a reflective gothic horror experience to a new generation.

Each self-contained novel of madness, mystery, ghosts, terrors and redemption, collates into a larger anthology exploring the shadowy corners of the human psyche - characters running from their sins, their personal demons and from themselves, confronting haunting spectres, monsters and manifestations of a dark past that compel them toward restoration.

The Transgressions Cycle is haunting, mysterious and darkly satisfying. Elevated genre with broad appeal, a guilty thrilling pleasure taken in the domestic confines of the home, in the dark, late at night…

"The true weird tale has something more than secret murder, bloody bones, or a sheeted form clanking chains according to rule. A certain atmosphere of breathless and unexplainable dread of outer, unknown forces…”  H. P. Lovecraft.



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Mike Jones is a writer of screen, page and interactive media. He is recipient of numerous accolades, including an Australian Writers Guild award and works in script development in Australia and overseas. He is very tall, talks very fast and likes things that go bump in the night... 


Leonie Jones is a creative producer with a diverse background spanning museums, cultural heritage, documentary and digital production. Formerly media producer at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum, her formative years were spent watching Hammer Horror through the balusters and fostering an unhealthy obsession with Victorian mourning and Edgar Allen Poe.



"Jones has achieved something special in this book. Imagine a 19th century gothic novel but with the pace of a modern horror experience and that is 'The Mothers'. The world he creates around the central character is seamless; you become immersed in her experience and root for her survival while glimpsing into the cracks in the dark."
- Amazon UK

"Written with gripping veracity and colourful, gory detail." - Newtown Review of Books

“Had us reading late into the night (and turning on the hall light) with his nail-biting tale, a creative blend of horror and historical fiction... Jones’ novel hooked us with its evocative imagery and skin-crawling suspense."
- iBooks Best Books of the Month List - Sept 2015.

"Jones’ writing is vivid—like nightmare fragments that you clearly remember upon waking." 
- CarrieGreenBooks

"a gripping, cinematically detailed horror story following a fearless 19th-century heroine... Ritualistic carnage, coupled with the ritualistic deception of history being rewritten, brings to a surreal climax the mystery of forgotten foundlings, mystical apparitions, and the grief of innocence lost."
- Newtown Review of Books

“Beautifully written… It took me by surprise… Evokes the mind to experience just what’s on the page."
- Australian Horror Fiction Podcast.